Numberblocks is the hit CBeebies TV series that shows young children how numbers work, sing and play. When you ❤️ numbers, maths is easy.

Meet the Numberblocks

What happens when numbers come to life? Meet ten friends who can always count on each other! Bright colours + big personalities + bold adventures = the best way to get children excited about everything numbers can do.

Easy when you see it

Maths is so much easier when you can see how it works. By keeping it all visual and animating the big ideas, Numberblocks guarantees
the eureka moments keep popping.

A ton of fun

We do whatever it takes to bring the thrills: mini-musicals, classic comedy, big song-and-dance numbers, a nail-biting escape from the double dungeon of doom… (We LOVE making this show.)

Full of the good stuff

We work closely with the NCETM to make sure Numberblocks delivers the essential numeracy skills that build good number sense and a solid foundation for a lifetime of maths success.

It’s not just counting, it’s number names and numerals • number order • recognising amounts on sight • bigger, smaller, same • first, second, third • adding • subtracting • missing numbers • number bonds • number patterns • odds and evens • doubling and halving • dozens more number skills • thinking for yourself • being creative • building confidence • solving problems • everything clicking into place • having fun with numbers

Are you ready for some number fun?

Watch the show!

Catch Numberblocks on the CBeebies channel or watch episodes on iPlayer. Repeat viewing is an excellent way to take on board all the big ideas about numbers.

Watch on iPlayer

Get interactive

We've got lots of interactive fun for you: number songs, puzzles, quizzes, an art gallery and 10 ways to help your child with maths.


Do try this at home

The Five-Step Path to Number Fun is full of entertaining activities to help turn your child's interest in Numberblocks into key number skills.

Download now *rot*

Now on DVD

The first DVD is out now so you can watch & rewatch the first 15 adventures.


One more thing...

We’d love to hear from you! 
Kids: send us your art, your questions, your ideas! 
Parents: how is your little one getting on with Numberblocks? 
Teachers: how are you using Numberblocks in class? 
Everyone: how can we help?
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